Who PUBLISHES Soundings?

Soundings is the newsletter of the Puget Sound Association of Legal Administrators.  Soundings has transitioned from a physical newsletter, to a static digital document, and now to a blog where we can provide more frequent articles of interest.

Can I participate in Soundings?

PSALA Members and guests can contribute articles to Soundings, and Members can join the editorial board.  For more information or to propose an article, click here.

Can I Join PSALA?

Our Association is open to anyone with an interest in legal administration, although there are varying membership opportunities depending on your current experience and job responsibilities.  For more information about joining PSALA, click here.  All PSALA members must also be a member of ALA International.


Can I still Get the PDF?

We are no longer publishing Soundings in its original form, but you can get all of the articles in one easy-to-read fashion by clicking on the link above that says "The Latest Issue".  From the blog page you can print or save to pdf and have all of your articles in one place.

I'm having technical trouble, can you help?

We try our best to keep Soundings available at all times, but sometimes things happen.  If you are having issues, spot an error, want to report a bug, or just want to say hello, please contact us through the Contact form at the bottom of any page.

can business partners CONTRIBUTE an article?

We love when our business partners share information with our members, and we encourage our business partners to submit articles consistent with the Business Partner Opportunity Guide.  If you would like to discuss submitting an article, or you are not currently a Business Partner but would like to learn about opportunities, please visit our Business Partner website.